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Salt Water Technology

MiniCell: The only commercial grade, self cleaning, drop in salt water chlorinator on the market today. Plug it in, drop it in the spa water, and it does the water
sanitation for you.


Why not spend your leisure time enjoying your hot tub, instead of maintaining it?

Automatic bromine or chlorine generation for hot tubs and spas just took a giant step forward. The MiniCell saltwater chlorinator does not require any plumbing,
so any hot tub can be converted to a soft/salt water hot tub. This makes your spa virtually maintenance free. The technology is very simple and easy to use and
is totally hands free. Your hot tub should not be a burden to maintain!

Low maintenance!

After the simple start-up procedure is done. Fill your spa with water, add a few cups of pool salt (simple instructions are included with the unit) and the MiniCell
takes care of the rest. Gone on holidays for a few weeks? It doesn't matter, MiniCell works when you are gone. Adjustments to the bromine/chlorine levels are
are simple with a quick adjustment on the included remote control.

No more confusion about chemicals! You don't need to wonder what chemicals to add - once installed, the work is done for you..  Your spa will be crystal clear
and ready to use, without any other products. No more itchy skin or red eyes from using your spa. Just get in and enjoy.

Enjoy fresh, clean water day after day.
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