StormLatch spa blanket latch
Is your spa exposed to wind? Don't want hooks on your pool
deck that can cause people to trip or are unsightly? StormLatch
is the answer! StormLatch works with powerful suction cups
(each suction unit providing over 60lbs of suction!), high grade
cable and military quality stainless steel anchor points. It only
takes a few seconds to secure each anchor point and when the
quote request form to get a price on your Thermaltech MAX
with the StormLatch option. StormLatch is $10 per anchor point.
Integrated handle
Add a handle to your thermaltech MAX spa blanket. Handles are constructed
with high grade diamond braid nylon rope and stainless steel fasteners. The
thermaltech MAX is easy to remove but the handles make it even easier!
Handles are $5 each.
Spa Blanket Leash
When the hard cover is removed, the blanket comes with it and
drapes over the top. When the hard cover is replaced, the
blanket lowers back into position. Simple but  very handy! The
blanket leash is custom installed depending on the dimensions of
your tub. Please let us know if you would like a blanket leash
installed and we will send you an email with the dimensions of
your tub we require. Blanket leash is $20 per blanket.
Perimeter bumper adds a lot of beauty to the Thermaltech MAX.
Cost is $2.00/linear foot of edging.