Thermaltech ULTRA - Proven Durability
Always the best choice for hot tubs as well as pools!

The best material you will find to cover your pool or hot tub! The
Thermaltech ULTA uses the the same basic layers as the MAX
but each layer utilizes the absolute highest quality of materials we
can source today. Best polyweave, best foam, best UV and
chemical resistance etc. Using a durable closed cell thermal foam
as a centre insulating core and heavy duty outer layers the cover
will last you many years. UV resistance is built into every cover
we sell. The Thermaltech ULTRA pool or spa cover  will last
many years and is easy to roll on a reel system or fold and lay on
the side. Please use the quote request form on this page to give
us the details of your pool and we will promptly reply with a quote.
We are here to help and save you substantial money on your next
heating bill! Customer service is always our number one concern.
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your
interest in the Thermaltech ULTRA thermal pool cover.
Thermaltech ULTRA  pool cover
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Thermaltech ULTRA pool  and spa covers
Thermal Swimming Pool Cover vs Bubble Cover

A Thermal Blanket is expected to last 10 times longer than a bubble cover,
without the need to cover when not on the water to retain your warranty.

A Thermal Blanket is better suited to strong UV than bubble covers, as the
sun doesn’t destroy it when not covered while off the pool.

Algae is a plant and requires sunlight to grow. A Thermal Blanket is the only
cover which blocks out the sunlight, keeping algae at bay, hence reducing
your chemical usage.

A pool can lose up to 10 degrees overnight if uncovered. Thermal Blankets
have twice the insulating properties of bubble covers and save you $ in
heating costs

A Thermal Blanket is made from a high quality multi-layered,
foam-based material.

It is purpose made for indoor & outdoor pools.

Thermal Blankets are used on Domestic & Commercial Swimming
Pools all over North America.

It will pay for itself in under 2 years.
Save water, Energy, Time and Money

Thermal Blankets last longer than other pool covers.

They don’t breakdown overtime.

They require less maintenance then other pool covers.

They don’t need to be covered when in the sun.

They keep your pool cleaner as debris and sunlight are kept out of the pool, reducing algae

As your pool is warmer and cleaner, less chemicals are required.
THERMALTECH ULTRA - Same as our MAX but even 25x stronger!

Constructed using a closed cell foam core and polyweave outer layers, the Thermaltech ULTRA is virtually
indestructible. Same general make up as the MAX but each layer is made up of even more durable and UV resistant
materials. Simply the best floating insulation you will find.  ULTRA is an ideal cover for both pool or hot tub
environments. It easily folds up or rolls on a pool roller system.
Interested? Check the
purchase page for prices or for larger pools and spas fill the quote request form below for a
cost estimate.