Perhaps the most under utilized but most effective way to save money on your spa is the thermaltech
spa blanket! Here are some of the main reasons why

Heat travels through moist air much quicker than dry air. This means that simply reducing the moisture between the water surface and your
insulating cover will cut down greatly on heating costs! Less evaporation means much lower heating costs.
Both the
thermaltech and the thermaltech MAX work great for personal hot tubs. (Click here to read a recent customer testimonial on
this very point).

REASON #2 (If you have an outdoor uncovered spa)
Do you have an outdoor spa with no hard cover? We listed this as a main reason because you stand to save major dollars with the purchase
of a thermaltech MAX! Many commercial and private facilities from Alaska to Mexico have outdoor uncovered spas operated summer and
winter. You will notice substantial savings with a
thermaltech MAX cover in place during the hours that the spa is closed! Greatly reduced
evaporation, spa heating time dramatically cut and pool chemicals much easier to maintain! Try a
MAX and you will not be sorry!

Chlorine, and bromine evaporate from the water, simply dissipating into the air and bleaching out the underside of your insulating cover. This
greatly reduces the life of your hard cover as well as wasting costly chemicals. Keep evaporation down with
thermaltech and you save money
several ways!

Most insulating covers eventually absorb water and get very heavy. Much of this water can come from the rising steam....less evaporation
means longer cover life.

By eliminating the evaporation you'll also find that the chemical balance of your water will remain more stable thereby allowing you to go
longer between water changes.

Don't lose all you spas heat when using it. On a cold wintery night (and we have lots of them here in Canada!!) you don't have to lose a lot of
heat when taking a dip! Just fold the blanket back enough so your head can stick out and the rest of the spa stays covered! You will not
believe the difference a floating
thermaltech (or MAX) makes on cold nights!!

Reason #7
Here's a quote taken from a study done by the US Department of Energy:
The reason evaporation has such an impact on pool operating cost is that evaporating water requires tremendous amounts of energy. It only
takes 1 BTU to raise a pound of water 1 degree, but each pound of 80° water that evaporates take a whopping 1048 BTU's of heat out of the
pool! Covering your pool when not in use is the single most effective way to reduce pool heating costs.  Savings of 50 % - 70% are possible.
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Thermaltech can repay in as little as one month!
a Salt Water Spa and never add another
ounce of chlorine?

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